Number one does it really need to be remodeled can you replace a few items and get what you want can you repaint something possibly clean it there comes across projects before where the toilets had calcium deposits on them and then I would go down and get a strong cleaner clean the toilets and solve the problem Plan a Bathroom Renovation.

So this is something a lot of people really don’t consider they want to just go in there and remodel it and they want a new bathroom and if that’s case then let’s just go to tip number two number two and of course my favorite the one

I would consider being the most important tip out of the would be the money if you don’t have it don’t spend it I don’t recommend using credit cards or getting loans but again this is just who I am I understand that if you need to do this then go for it but understand that you will be paying a little more money for the project

You’ll be paying interest on some of the items that you purchase or services that you have to hire out so create a budget stick to the budget and try not to go past the budget your budget is going to be a priority and priority number one.

It will be number three should you hire a bathroom designer it all depends on how much money you have and how much creativity you lack if you do not have the creativity or have a hard time imagining what the bathroom is going to be like then this might be the perfect fit for you but keep in mind that this can add in some cases quite a bit to the cost of the project so for those do-it-yourselves.