Background Of Mobile Window Tinting Now

Everything over that’s one of the tricks to this technique just work everything in these corners okay and then I do the same thing on the other side now how quickly will take my Platinum easy reach and I will begin to smooth out the bottoms I’m not touching this card anywhere where a scratch can be seen Moisture is my enemy right now on the sides and the bottom the double.

Snap helps it’s always not Mobile Window Tinting perfect but I’m going to try to get a little bit of moisture out for the sides I’m going to get too detailed here because I still want to wet it one more time and I want to heart till the bottom half already hard till the top half that makes a huge difference and the look get all the finger fingers bubbles out the little water pockets.

Mobile Window Tinting

Again I want to go Mobile Window Tinting around push this water on down sometimes I can even work a tile down here to get this extra moisture out actually for this video probably going a little bit slower taking a few more steps because I want you to see things clear.

I could eliminate some mobile window tinting of these steps if I was doing this faster I wouldn’t have to do this so many times which one of our everybody sees what I’m doing dry everything off tops sides door panels and that’s that’s the finished product however I always want to check the sides always gonna look at the bottoms I always want to check where these little creases may be just want to pay attention.

To the to the top edges see I can roll this window down up and down all I want if I wanted to I may do that in a second to check at the top edge out then I want to go to the outside and inspect it thoroughly and deal with any little any little.

Anything that I want to deal with and probably pull out a heat gun or additional hard to land or anything I need to make this a smoother job okay now we’ve made it to the final inspection I always like to take my window cleaner sometimes I don’t even do this but up for the camera.