We’ll take a picture we’re done of all of the work will be done here and we will be done okay so we are finished in Fresno and so here’s what scope of the work we did already misprinted sister existing so went ahead you gotten senate Lad era is the trim the collection so when it comes to the shower valve we’ve got the trim shower head that’s Lad era straight out of Home Depot so we got trimmed.

In the master that was doing the last time we were here but so that’s done and then today we went ahead and got the thinks that neither callers again everything we got with was straight out of Home Depot so Kohl er sinks talked milk not top of the line but nice quality sink there Lad era faucets single hand those those these works great hot and cold real good underneath you can see brand new shutoff valves hot and cold quarter turn pro flow valve straight from these were these valves are from person and then.

The braided stainless steel Bathroom Remodeling In New Jersey supply line tubular p-trap tubular extension up to the brand new tail piece that comes came with the faucet that pop up and so that there just works simply you know they’re they’re done so that is going to be typical three things to in the master and one in the about additionally underneath here you can see we’ve got a crossover valve back here so you can see.

Hot on the Left cold on the right and then back here you can see that the crossover valve the walks re circulation pump out at the water heater and that is the crossover valve that allows the water to come from the hot side over the cold side we circulate back to the water heater so this side we’ve got the Kohl.