Eyesore and then bathroom remodel photo gallery mostly in places like this where the grout really needs to penetrate handsome of the mortar is protruding out tithe surface where the ground needs to go so just to break that up a they’re now a little deeper in the ground has a place to go into when I letdown with that I’ll start grouting something else that I did today is I dry fit the shower base room as well.

As one of the glass pieces from this glass piece just inserts down into here and Did that so I can see just how high it went up to because I need to measure couple of blocks of wood that are going to go one’s going to go here and the other one’s going to go down here remember that I put some studs back there to what was supposed to go back there was a shower enclosure basically a big plastic piece a couple.

Of pieces but because this looks so much nicer I did this there’s what it lookalike with the grout and looks even nicer we actually have two different colors of grout here yeah like that taupe I think it is and then a chamois or a beige color up here and that was on purpose we had to use it a different kind of grout for these and these a non sanded grout and just thinking about how it nightstand.

out got a little bit lighter color so this is a beige and then the main grout color is a taupe but it really did nice job of making these class tiles pop boxes turned out pretty good put a ladder dollar Taliban here just for fun also we my wife and I primer and painted yesterday so we’ll wait a couple of days and let this grab cure before weasel.