video I’m going to teach you how to get your girlfriend back so if you want to get back together with your ex girlfriend this is the video for you now just to warn you this is going to be a brief overview if you need more information if you want me to go in more in-depth head over my website got a more in-depth video presentation there you can watch rephrase let’s get started.

on the important parts of getting your girlfriend back the first phase you’re going to need to go through how to get your ex girlfriend back is the recovery phase y recovery well because you need to get to the point where you’re emotionally stable enough you’ve gotten past the worst of the the heartache and the loneliness and all the other negative emotions that come in the.

wake of a breakup and you’ve gotten to a point where you can think rationally make good decisions and avoid making any mistakes that are going to push her even further away from you and I know you might be thinking to yourself at this point why do I have to recover I want her back I don’t need you I don’t want to get over over her I just want her back well that may be the case but again you need to be emotionally stable you need to be able to make good decisions.

so how do you recover how do you get over how to get to the point where you where you’re in that better frame of mind to make those decisions well for starters you want to ignore your ex-girlfriend completely for days after the breakup this is just critical and I’ll explain more in a minute but you definitely do not want to be talking to your ex for around days after the breakup you also want to remove any reminders of her from your life so you know.

Take that picture that of you and her on the holidays put it in the box take the love notes put them in a box whatever it is take all the things that will remind you of her and put them away for a while just just keep the reminders out of your life you don’t want to be thinking about her right now and finally occupy your time stay busy hang out with friends you.